One of our favourite Amsterdam restaurants.
Rich and spicy cuisine!

Four Course Luxury

The French-Moroccan cuisine at Bo Cinq is something that simply has to be experienced. Get a taste of exotic gourmet dining with this luxurious four-course menu. You'll get the VIP treatment, including a premium gin & tonic prepared right at your table! Website

Member's Perks
  • A premium gin & tonic.
  • A VIP table.
  • Complimentary amuse bouche.
  • A luxurious four-course menu, along with amuse bouche.
  • You'll dine at a VIP table with a canal view.
  • You'll also have a premium gin & tonic, which the mixologist will prepare at your table.
  • Valid every day. Reservations required at least 24 hours in advance.

FOR MIN 2 people
MAX FOR EVENT 10 people
Bo Cinq
Prinsengracht 494
1017 KH Amsterdam
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GPS: 52.3638, 4.88493  |  Get Directions


Bo Cinq is one of Amsterdam's unique restaurants, with an incomparable style of French-Moroccan cuisine that will wow you. Here our members will get the VIP treatment, with a special table that gives you a great canal view. As you get settled, the bartender will bring the ingredients of a premium gin & tonic that he'll prepare at your table. It's a refreshing treat, and the perfect accompaniment to your mouth-watering meal, starting with a tasty amuse bouche.

You'll be enjoying four incredible courses of the complex, spicy cuisine that Bo Cinq is famous for. And there's something here for every taste, including succulent meats, fresh seafood, vegetarian dishes, and everything in between. You're going to love what Bo Cinq's chefs come up with. From starters through your main dish to dessert, you're in for a truly memorable meal that's unlike any other dining experience in Amsterdam.

Bo Cinq combines culinary creativity with amazing French-Moroccan cuisine, and spectacular service. Combine that with a canal view and you've got an extraordinary meal.

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Bo Cinq Dining perfection

Bo Cinq is a collaboration between three extraordinary entrepreneurs: Casper Reinders (Jimmy Woo, Bo Cinq, Chicago Social Club, Rose's Cantina, Lion Noir, Chow, Ludwig & Bar Paul) Mr Yen (Hotel Delphi, Dynasty, Le Veranda, Bo Cinq, Lion Noir, Woo Bros.) and Farid Asserti. A great mix of people, who compliment each other in an amazing way.

For the interior they called in Stef Bakker, who together with Casper Reinders made some inspirational trips to Paris, France, and created a unique, warm and home-like atmosphere.

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