The paella was delicious,
and so were the cocktails!

Paella & Libation Class

Get some tips from the expert mixologist at Mirror Bar that'll have you shaking up cocktail masterpieces & sizzling a Spanish paella! View Cocktails Menu

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  • Insider pricing.
  • Earn Lime&Tonic points!
  • Valid for 10 people.
  • Participate in a cocktail master class led by the Mirror Bar’s mixologist, Salvatore Maggio. You’ll get tips on making different cocktails & then get to practice making your own.
  • You’ll also watch a cooking presentation in which Chef Maarten Geschwindt will show you how to make Paella de Valencia.
  • Paella and Spanish wines, as well as enjoying your own cocktail is included.
  • Event lasts four hours; reservations required at least 24 hours in advance.

FOR MIN 10 people
MAX FOR EVENT 15 people
The Mirror Bar at The Landmark Hotel
The Landmark Hotel
222 Marylebone Road
London NW1 6JQ Get Directions
GPS: 51.5211, -0.163724  |  Get Directions


A well-mixed cocktail is a thing of beauty and now’s your chance to make it like the pros do. The Mirror Bar, located in The Landmark London Hotel, is reminiscent of the hotel’s Victorian heritage. Classic and intimate, it’s a popular place for pre-dinner drinks or a late-night cocktail. Head mixologist Salvatore Maggio is responsible for the creative concoctions, and Lime&Tonic has put together a great event for you to learn from the best.

Salvatore will lead a 3-hour cocktail master class in which you’ll learn proper cocktail preparation techniques and how to make different drinks like a Singapore Sling or the Paradise. Once you’ve gotten the hang of it, it’s your turn to head behind the bar and prove what a good student you are by mixing up your own cocktail. The limited number of participants means there’s lots of hands on interaction and plenty of time for questions.

But that’s not all. Chef Maarten Geschwindt spent a couple of years working in Spain under the tutelage of Michelin 3-star chef Martín Berasategui. There he learned how to make a classic Paella de Valencia using fresh, regional ingredients and traditional methods. Maarten will show you how to make this fabulous dish and you’ll also get a brief primer on Spanish wines, including the best to accompany the paella you’ll want to make at home.

The whole afternoon will be one of sharing, learning, eating and drinking. Don’t miss this special event!

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Put on the paella! Anything goes with this classic Spanish dish

What initially started out as a poor man’s meal; paella is the quintessential Spanish food. Fiercely loved, and argued over by the locals—each family has their own recipe which of course is better than yours.

The word for paella comes from the Valencian word for the pan in which it is cooked, and was originally made with whatever bits of food were on hand. The first creations combined rice with tomatoes, onions and snails—easily accessible food. Special occasions might see some rabbit or duck tossed in, and the well-off often included chicken. Word of this tasty meal spread and by the end of the 19th century Paella de Valencia already had created a name for itself.

A truly traditional paella is cooked outdoors, over an open fire, and in massive quantities. If you travel throughout Spain, you’ll come across a number of regional varieties. In Andalusia you can enjoy paella with prawns, mussels, clams, chicken or rabbit, a little pork and sometimes sausage. Seafood features heavily in southern Spain paellas—especially Paella Marinera. But don’t believe anyone who says seafood is a traditional ingredient in paellas—tell them they’ll need to add snails to make it a true original!

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