Create four courses of sumptuous cuisine
alongside your friends and AVEQIA's expert chefs!

Active Dining @ AVEQIA

Don your apron for a truly unique restaurant experience where you both dine and cook at London’s newest Swedish import: AVEQIA. Interact in the creation of your delicious four-course menu, paired with wines, in a suave private dining room. View Seasonal Menu

  • A glass of sparkling wine and amuse-bouche on arrival.
  • A four-course tasting menu cooked by you and your friends alongside AVEQIA's expert chefs.
  • Each course is paired with a glass of wine (four glasses).
  • An AVEQIA apron for each guest to take home.
  • Available on Saturdays from 5pm; reservations required at least 24 hours in advance.

FOR MIN 8 people
MAX FOR EVENT 80 people
2 St. Bride street
EC4A 4AD London
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We'd all like to get into the kitchen of our favourite restaurant once in a while, to ask the chef his secrets, or just to see how it's done. With AVEQIA, one of the most unique restaurants in London, you'll get your chance to chat with expert chefs while preparing an amazing meal. When you arrive at the restaurant you'll be greeted by the chef with a glass of sparkling wine and amuse-bouche, to give you a little taste of what's to come. Relax and chat as you learn about each of the ingredients you'll be using. Then, you and your friends will be gathered into groups, with each group responsible for one of the courses. And those courses will amaze you, even as you learn how to create them! This is the perfect combination of cooking class and gourmet meal.

The meals at AVEQIA are seasonal, so the dishes you'll be learning to cook are inspired by the essence of autumn. And, each course will be paired with the perfect glass of wine by AVEQIA's expert chefs, to bring out the flavours of your meal. First there's smoked sea bass with lemon-cured scallop, bouquet garni, lovage and consommé. This delicious fish is cured and smoked, using traditional Swedish cooking methods that the chefs at AVEQIA are passionate about. Your mouth will water when you smell the next course, fragrant spice-flamed reindeer with side of pork, chanterelles and a vinagrette of melted butter and lingon berries. This rich cut of reindeer is spiced with rosé pepper, juniper, thyme and garlic, and served with honey-glazed, juniper-smoked side of pork, which is rapidly flamed. You'll top the dish off with a selection of chanterelles, some panfried in butter, some pickled, and some in a wonderfully creamy foam. And of course, as you cook each dish, you'll be getting insight from the chef, bringing every bite to another level!

The next course, sirloin and brisket, is served with truffle-infused almond potato purée, as well as horseradish and mustard with salted gherkins, cress and gem lettuce. This is an innovative and delicious autumn dish. You'll make a wonderful glaze of Madeira and truffles, while you prepare the tenderised sirloin with butter and thyme. For dessert, you'll enjoy a decadent chocolate crème with bergamot, fresh and dried meringue and a sorbet of sea buckthorn and oranges. A combination of sweet and tangy, this chocolate crème spiked with Earl Grey tea is simply sumptuous!

An insistence on the best ingredients and delicious recipes, combined with an open, cordial environment make AVEQIA one of the most innovative restaurants in London. More than just a cooking class, an evening at AVEQIA is a gourmet social experience that has reinvented dinner!

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AVEQIA The story behind the cuisine

AVEQIA, one of the most exciting restaurants in London, and the originator of "active cooking", where guests learn to cook amazing meals alongside the chefs, began with a napkin.

David Berggren, Head Chef at AVEQIA, was working at The Cellars Hohenort in South Africa, when the headwaiter asked Head Chef Jean-Christophe Novelli to present the meal to some important guests in the dining room. The overworked Novelli instead sent Berggren to the table, where he shared the experience of preparing the meal with the delighted guests, one of whom asked for the recipe. Berggren happily obliged by writing the recipe on a napkin, and the concept of active cooking was born.

AVEQIA boasts 19 amazing Swedish chefs, including Céline Fauvelle, a talented 26-year-old who trained at the Institut Paul Bocuse in Lyon, and Alain Ducasse in Paris, among other respected kitchens. Her unique background inspires her to combine Swedish and French flavours into delicious international cuisine.

With a dedication to using only the freshest and highest quality ingredients, while connecting chefs and diners, AVEQIA is changing the approach to dining in London. True innovators, the chefs behind AVEQIA, and especially David Berggren, are in a league of their own. All thanks to a napkin and a curious customer!

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