A blind tasting of Grower champagne
at London's premiere importer!

Blind Bubbly Tasting

Champagne is one thing we could all use more of. And luckily for Londoners, Champagne + Fromage imports the finest French champagnes directly from producers. Experience their best bubblies with this exclusive blind tasting paired with cheese! Website

  • A blind tasting of four premium Grower champagnes, paired with French cheeses and salami.
  • Guests will rate each of the champagnes before the grower and producer are revealed.
  • Hosted in the lovely tasting room of Champagne + Fromage, one of London's premiere French champagne importers.
  • There will be a secret surprise for guests who correctly guess the brands of champagne.
  • A great way to learn more about champagnes while interacting with other cool, creative people.

FOR MIN 8 people
MAX FOR EVENT 14 people
Champagne + Fromage
22 Wellington Street
WC2E 7DD London
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Is there is any beverage in the world more enjoyable than champagne? If so, we haven't found it! That's why we've organised this exclusive event with Champagne + Fromage, London's premiere champagne importer. At their rustic showroom, Lime&Tonic members will enjoy a blind taste test of four types of champagne that Champagne + Fromage have imported directly from growers, then get tasting notes and have a discussion on each type before their labels are revealed. It's a fun, social way to learn more about bubbly while having a great time in a unique venue.

As you taste your champagnes, you'll also be nibbling on some delicious French cheese and salami freshly imported from France. These are the perfect light accompaniments to your bubbly. And, after the champagne brands have been revealed, there will be a secret surprise given to guests who correctly guess the champagnes.

Champagne + Fromage is taking the attitude out of fine cheeses and wines. If you're looking for a truly unique event that brings you exquisite food and drink, along with a warm, friendly atmosphere, look no further. It's like a trip to France, for your tastebuds!

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Champagne It's all about the bubbles

Since 1891, the only sparkling wine that can legally be called "champagne" must be produced in the Champagne region of France. But regardless of the name, people associate this popular drink with the bubbles that give champagne its special character.

The bubbles in champagne are produced by a process known as in-bottle fermentation. After a first fermentation, the liquid is bottled, and fermented again in the bottle, with the help of added yeast. For a champagne to be very good, it must be matured for at least three years. During this time, the bottle is chilled and moved every so often, so the dregs settle near the cap, where they can be removed.

So next time you uncork a bottle of bubbly, think of all the hard work that went into those bubbles!

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