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Bubbles & Bites

The stylish, elegant Drawing Rooms at the Ampersand Hotel are the perfect setting for a get-together with a friend or sweetheart. And a glass of bubbly, along with canapés, gougères, and pastries, are the perfect accompaniments! Website

Member's Perks
  • Insider pricing.
  • Champagne included.
  • Treat yourself to a selection of sweet and savoury canapés, gougères, home-made pastries, and a glass of champagne in the Ampersand Hotel's stylish Drawing Rooms.
  • Valid Mon to Sun, 5:30pm to 8:30pm; reservations required at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Reservations are accepted for min. two people

FOR MIN 1 people
MAX FOR EVENT 10 people
Ampersand Hotel
10 Harrington Road,
South Kensington
SW7 3ER London Get Directions
GPS: 51.4941, -0.175392  |  Get Directions


South Ken is a neighborhood famed as much for its luxurious townhouses as its fantastic museums. It's this combination of art and elegance that makes The Drawing Rooms at the Ampersand Hotel the perfect place for an evening out. And, with a glass of champagne served with canapés and more, we think it's the perfect match for our members.

Along with your bubbly, you'll enjoy a dazzling selection of savoury canapés. Truffle formaggella; Pata Negra; and smoked salmon mousse canapés are all deliciously savoury bites.

Speaking of savoury, you'll also have a selection of gougères to enjoy, including H. Forman & Son London smoked salmon, with dill & cream cheese, a complex and flavourful bite. Gloucester old spot ham, with sauce gribiche and smoked cheddar, apple and beetroot is even more complex, the sweet and savoury elements combining into a presentation that will burst on your tongue. And, if you have a sweet tooth you're also in luck, because you will be enjoying fresh home-made pastries to balance the savoury bites. Combine these with your bubbly champagne, and you'll have plenty to smile about!

Whether you're visiting the museums in South Ken, or just want to explore the neighborhood, there's no better way to kick back and relax after an afternoon of walking than with a glass of bubbles and some gourmet snacks. The Drawing Rooms at the Hotel Ampersand has all this, along with a dash of elegant style.

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The Drawing Rooms Elegance Personified

French finesse meets British style in The Drawing Rooms, the luxurious heart of The Ampersand Hotel. It's here that you can enjoy some of the best light bites and afternoon tea in Kensington.

With deep sofas and studded armchairs, scarlet velvets, and kingfisher blues, this is where the English drawing room meets the "salon de thé." In South Kensington, it has become the place to enjoy pretty pastries, exceptional teas or fresh-pressed coffees.

Both the champagne and the delicious light bites make The Drawing Rooms popular with residents of South Kensington, as well as visitors who want to get together for a business meeting in a quiet corner of a discreet address. The feel is intimate yet energetic, with a fire burning in the hearth at one end of the room. By day, sunshine pours through the large Victorian windows. If you've never been there, you don't know what you're missing!

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