Enjoy a fun murder mystery night,
with a delicious three-course dinner!
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Murder Mystery Dining

A murder mystery dinner is a great way to get friends together for a unique and unforgettable evening. thinking events has everything you need, including a delectable three-course meal, and bubbly. Solve the mystery of fun! View Menu

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  • Earn Lime&Tonic points.
  • Includes a three-course dinner, with starter, main dish, and dessert, a glass of bubbles on arrival, personalised invitations, and all props for the evening, a full night of murder mystery entertainment.
  • You can choose the theme: Medieval madness, fairytale, 1920's speakeasy, or pirate night. 

  • Your evening will last about three hours, with prizes going to the people who figure out the mystery.
  • Valid every day. Reservations required at least 24 hours in advance.

FOR MIN 15 people
MAX FOR EVENT 19 people
GPS: 51.5112, -0.119824  |  Get Directions


Organizing a bigger group, please see our Murder Mystery Dining 20+: http://www.limeandtonic.com/london/en/experiences/2712/thinking-bob-events-london-murder-mystery-dinner-large

Have we got a fantastic night for you! Get some friends together for an extraordinary dinner party where murder is on the menu. With an intriguing cast of characters and a murder mystery unfolding as you enjoy your meal, this is one evening you won't soon forget. thinking events insists on making all of their events unique, and this dinner is no exception.

At the beginning of the evening, you and other guests will get together for a social. Then you'll sit down to dinner, where you'll enjoy three succulent courses. But this isn't an ordinary dinner. While you dine you'll get an envelope with everything you need for the evening, including props, money for bribes, and character notes. If you can figure out the recipe for this murder, you'll win some fab prizes, but with everyone conspiring, that won't be easy!

Most murder mystery dinners in London don't involve much: The guests sit back and eat while actors play the main roles. But thinking events's murder mystery is interactive, which means it's much more fun! You don't need to be a pro, just stay in character as you interact, and your hosts will do the rest. Role playing is a great way to start new conversations, so you're sure to have a memorable evening.

thinking events are unique because they are always interactive. Bringing like-minded people together in unique locations throughout London, these events are simply unforgettable. So get some friends or colleagues together, and try to solve the mystery.

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Murder Mystery Meal A unique way to use your brain

Murder mystery meals are a fun way to turn an ordinary dinner party into something extraordinary. Murder mystery dinners are all the rage in London, but the problem is that many of them involve professional actors, meaning that guests just sit back passively while the action unfolds around them. This is what sets thinking events apart from many other dining events in London.

thinking events insists on making all of their evenings interactive. So instead of watching other people solve a mystery, you will be intimately involved in the drama yourself, playing a role in the action. You'll get all your props and character notes at the beginning of the night, then you'll play your role as you interact with the other guests. You don't need to be a professional actor to enjoy it, but just be... well, not yourself, but don't worry about your lines!

If you're looking for a dinner that's a cut above the rest, try thinking events. It's a night you won't forget!

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