About Us

What’s our story?

We’re the kind of people who like to show our friends a good time. And, we’ll admit it, we like having the answers.

That’s why we seek out the interesting places in your city, from restaurants to flight simulators, from eccentric to opulent, and work with them to create experiences that are too incredible to forget.

Because the second best part of any special occasion, whether it’s a birthday dinner, a date night, or a low-key get-together with colleagues and friends, is remembering it.

We could tell you this whole concept came to us on a beach awash with moonlight as an inspiring wind rustled the palm trees and the green straw of our 10th lime and tonic...

But the truth is, we just like to provide you a chance to share remarkable moments with the people who matter to you most.

The Team

Stefan Cordiner (CEO / co-Founder)

Founder of three prior award-winning ventures; strong background in marketing and management.

David O'Sullivan (CIO / co-Founder)

Strong tech background with a specialization in automation systems,founded early online real-estate site.

Todd Esposito (CFO)

Former CFO at GE Capital. Todd built and sold a bank in Central Europe. He's a substantial entrepreneurial drive with experience in exits.

Jack Catchpoole (CTO)

Jack has 15 years IT experience with a top Elance ranking, and was previously involved in a start-up which was sold to Sun MicroSystems.

Blake Wittman (COO)

Blake worked in the banking industry before starting up a leading emerging markets headhunting firm and expanding the reach globally.