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Lime&Tonic is a global organisation with teams in some of the world's most dynamic cities. The main players can be seen on the right and check out our Locations page for a list of all the cities that we are active in.

Thomas Herbert

Some Juicy History

Very few people are aware of the incredibly important fact that the lime was first mentioned (in a book) by Sir Thomas Herbert in 1677 when he referenced a site near the coast of Mozambique. Since then, limes have been of the utmost importance in the development of the human species - saving us from extinction from scurvy in 1747. British sailors were required to consume a daily ration of lime juice to stave off scurvy, and subsequently became known as Limeys! A momentous first meeting of tonic and lime came in 1858 when British colonels in India mixed the tonic water with lime to make the bitter taste more palatable (and yes - there may have been a hint of gin added for good measure), and ever since then Lime&Tonic has been the perfect mix of live-saving tonic and zesty fresh inspiration.


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