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A choice of four dreamy massages
to tame your tension and soothe your soul
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Signature Massage

Allow yourself to be soothed with a splendid choice of Cybex massages at the newly-opened Hilton Hotel Spa in Old Town. You'll be in the capable hands of a highly-trained masseur, taking you on a journey of pure relaxation in a stunning setting. View Website

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  • Choose between four types of massage: Thalgomince (75 mins), Ayurveda Exclusive (90 mins), Antistress (60 mins) and Aromatherapy (60 mins).
  • Enjoy full use of luxury day spa facilities including indoor pool and sauna.
  • Available every day from 1pm to 9pm.
  • Massages should be reserved at least 24 hours in advance.

FOR MIN 1 people
MAX FOR EVENT 2 people
Cybex Spa @ Hilton Old Town
Cybex Health Club & Spa
Hilton Prague Old Town
V Celnici 7, 111 21 Praha 1 Get Directions
GPS: 50.0886, 14.4318  |  Get Directions


Feel as though time is never on your side and you're always on the go? Sometimes you need to pause and let somebody else take over. With a Cybex massage at the Hilton Old Town, the only decision-making you'll be doing is to select your ideal massage:

Thalgomince (75 minutes) This massage is ideal if you are conscious of your shape. Perhaps you've recently completed a diet or aim to return to a pre-pregnancy physique. The masseur will focus on problematic areas such as thighs, belly and buttocks to aid slimming and eradicate sagging skin.

Ayurveda Exclusive (90 minutes) If you feel like you need to be treated with particular tenderness, the Ayurveda Exclusive is the choice for you. This indian massage uses only the softest of touches and caresses to the skin whilst warm sesame oil induces a sense of wellness and peace.

Aromatherapy (60 minutes) By engaging your sense of smell through a mixture of rich aromatic oils anointing your skin, this massage allows more of your entire being to participate in the relaxation experience.

Antistress (60 minutes) This massage focuses on parts of the body stress affects the most—the upper back, neck, shoulders and head. The warm sesame oil used for the therapy is enriched with essential oils selected especially for their soothing and relaxing properties. The aroma of these purely natural oils will evoke pleasant feelings for hours even after the massage.

When you're done with your treatment, feel free to stick around and enjoy the spa's beautiful indoor pool and sauna room, as their use is also included in this experience of perfect relaxation!

INSIDER TIP: A cool alternative that's great for a bit of romance is the Hoffmeister Spa.

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Hilton The man behind the name

As you bask in the luxury of the Hilton Hotel chain's most recent addition to Prague, pause for a moment to consider the man behind this famous hotel empire.

You might have seen Conrad Hilton portrayed as the charismatic acquaintance of Donald Draper in the popular advertising drama, Mad Men. The real Conrad Hilton's life story was equally packed with events and fluctuations in fortune.

Born on Christmas Day in 1887, Hilton bought his first hotel in 1919: The Mobley Hotel in Texas. Over the next decade he steadily added hotels to his collection as his business went from strength to strength. Disaster struck, however, with the arrival of the Great Depression in the 1930s. Hilton almost went bankrupt and lost many of his hotels. Refusing to be beaten, Hilton rolled up his sleeves and continued to slog away until he was eventually in a position to buy his hotels back.

Although Hilton only bought his first hotel outside of Texas when he was almost 50 years old, he made up for lost time throughout the 1950s and 1960s, turning Hilton Hotels into a worldwide operation and setting standards for hotel accommodation.

He is regarded as an example that any setback can be overcome on the road to success. In his own words: “Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit.”

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