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Mouth-watering burgers paired with Burgundy
at a totally unique location!
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Burgers & Burgundy

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The only thing better than an amazing burger is one paired with an ice-cold beer, or...Burgundy? That's right! We've put together a cool Burgers and Burgundy Supper Club. Hosted in a secret location in Prague, this event combines appetites and elegance. .

  • A three-course meal with tasty canapés, succulent gourmet burgers, and a sweet dessert, all prepared by a guest chef, and paired with premium Burgundy wines.
  • Program — 7:00pm arrivals and welcome, 7:30pm seating, 8:00pm dinner begins. Expected finish is 10:30pm.
  • The location will be announced to guests the day of the event.
  • A great way to get together with friends, colleagues, or to meet some cool new people.
  • The photos on this page are for example purposes only, as each event is in a different location and has a different menu.
  • Vegetarian option available. Able to cater to specific dietary requirements.

FOR MIN 1 people
MAX FOR EVENT 30 people
Lime&Tonic Prague
tajné místo / secret location
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GPS: 50.0764, 14.4023  |  Get Directions


Burgers and beers is a great combination, but let's face it, it's been done to death. But pairing mouth-watering gourmet burgers with heady white and red Burgundies from a premium French vineyard? Now there's a dinner worth remembering! And that's exactly what Lime&Tonic is bringing our members, with our latest Prague Supper Club: Burgers & Burgundy.

Hosted in a secret location in Prague that will be announced to guests the day of the event, this is a supper club that gives you a chance to "meat and greet." Get together with other cool Lime&Tonic members in a unique location, and socialise as a very special guest chef prepares succulent burgers, and you sip premium Burgundy wine. What's not to love about a stylish event that combines amazing food and world-class wines in an absolutely unique location? So sign up and get social!

Supper clubs are all the rave in London and New York, and part of a new trend of "social" dining. Typically held in a temporary or pop-up location outside of a restaurant, supper clubs break down the walls of the kitchen and have chefs preparing food right in front of the guests in unique and interesting locations. What makes our supper club unique is... well, just about everything! The location changes each time, as does the menu and your fellow diners — so no experience is ever the same.

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Burgundy A remarkable vino from France

Burgundy is one of the most famous vinos in the world, but what makes it so? It's a combination of history, quality and quantity, the last of which might be the most important, because, to have the right to the regional name of Burgundy or any of its districts or villages, white vinos can only be produced using Chardonnay grapes, and red vinos using Pinot Noir grapes. This restriction has forced producers to focus on quality rather than quantity, and that is one of the main reasons Burgundy vinos are so well-liked.

Although production of Burgundy was started well before the Romans invaded Gaulle, the vino acquired fame during the reign of Charlemagne, and acquired further notoriety when grape variety restrictions were implemented as law in 1335 by Duke Philip the Bold. The production areas as well as quotas have remained basically the same since. The appellation d'Origine Controlee imposed by Napoleon only reaffirmed these limitations and Burgundy has seen great success in the last 75 years, with some bottles fetching big prices.

The Ruth's Chris Dubai steakhouse has a variety of Burgundy vinos at good prices, and their sommelier will be pleased to take guests on a vinous tour of Burgundy, and tell you which white or red is best suited to accompany your delicious food.

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