Instituto da Criança

Instituto da Criança

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Instituto da Criança was founded in 1997 by two brothers, Pedro and Carlos Werneck, who had been working with a group of friends to organize activities and support projects aimed at helping children and teenagers in difficult social conditions since 1994. After a few years, the IC improved and extended their support, which had until then been mainly financial, and work towards a more efficient way of integrating children into society.Currently Instituto da Criança acts as a social incubator for new programs and institutions. It also supports existing social institutions, organizes educational programs and offers consultancy in corporate social responsibility for companies in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.The activities are developed with funds raised by donations from individual and legal entities, by promoting and encouraging the organization of fundraising events dedicated to IC and also, by raising funds abroad supported by Children’s Call to Action, an initiative founded in the United States in 2005, which offers financial benefits to donors in cooperation with Brazil Foundation.All processes are monitored in regular meetings and all activities are carried out with complete transparency, including annual audits by PricewaterhouseCoopers.

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Instituto da Criança
Instituto da Criança
Pedro Werneck
Pedro Werneck Founder

Thank you on behalf of all of us, members of the Children's Institute, for the support. Institutions and educational programs assisted by the IC depends on gestures exactly like yours, whether by donating resources, volunteer work or any support to enable our ongoing intention to make the difference and transform lives. We aim to walk aside those who walk alone. Thus, we go forward in search of a fairer world. We hope to count with your involvement!

Enjoy life to do good.

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