Spanta Neném Social Project

Spanta Neném Social Project

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The Spanta Neném is more than a Carnival’s Bloco (street group which plays Carnival songs in Rio) & a Social Project. The Spanta Neném is a state of mind; it’s enjoying what Rio has to offer & encouraging it to be even better! From the Bloco Spanta Neném arose the social project which carries the same name. The Bloco was born in 2003 as a result from the pleasure of celebrating two important heritages of the Marvelous City: the street carnival and the beauty of the Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon. The project emerged in early 2009, from the desire to transform an old dream into reality: the Music School Spanta Neném. The School was idealized and is fully managed and financed by the Bloco. Currently, it embraces about 100 children in Morro Santa Marta, offering classes in cavaquinho (portuguese guitar), guitar, percussion and flute, in addition to school tutoring classes. The School teaching staff is also formed by community residents, creating job opportunities to those who live there. This is the first section of Spanta Neném Social Project, which covers all social actions of the Bloco. It is expected to expand the actions of the School and create new developments of the Project. The Spanta Neném Social Project brings more joy to the city and represents what is best in Rio: the mood, solidarity and traditions of its people.

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Spanta Neném Social Project
Spanta Neném Social Project


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