Last updated May 1, 2014

We believe that the establishment of clear rules is the best way to start to a long history of friendship and great business, so it is very important that you understand that using the services we prepared especially for this website means that you accepted as reasonable and of good faith everything that is written below. If you see something you do not understand or do not agree with, please, let us know before you register in order to be able to use the services. For your questions related to this term, you can especially reach us at Welcome and enjoy! PLEASE NOTE THAT WE RESERVE THE RIGHT TO UPDATE THESE TERMS AND CONDITIONS PERIODICALLY.

Lime & Tonic (Slovenia) is operated by Dober Dan consulting d.o.o. For a easier reading, from now on we will refer to us just as L&T and to you as Subscriber.


1.1 - Everyone who agree with the rules below and register themselves may take advantage from the offers to purchase products and/or services with very special discounts offered by our Partners Merchants.

1.2 – In order to allow our Partners Merchants to offer these special rates, we agreed with them that sales must have a minimum number of customers, so the Deals are only valid if the number is reached or exceeded in each Deal. If this occurs and you are a purchaser, you will receive a Voucher to be printed and presented directly to the establishment, otherwise the purchase made won’t be charged on your credit card.

1.3 - Each Deal will be exposed on this website and will only be valid for a period of time indicated therein, and it will present the specific conditions for purchase, consumption or usufruct of that product or service required by the Partner Merchant. You can monitor in real-time the evolution of purchases made.

1.4 - We agree the Deals announced on this website may not be accumulated with any other discounts nor promotions broadcasted by our Partners Merchants.

1.5 - We wouldn’t like to see any of the deals we negotiated especially for you, being resold at a higher price, and in order that does not happen, we agree that all the vouchers will be personal and not transferable. If you want to offer the deal as a gift to beloved ones, however, we reserve a special service at our homepage.


2.1 – The current civil law restrain us to intermediate our Deals for some people, therefore, if you are an underage or is temporarily prevented from performing your regular activities, please ask a relative or friend to help you, we want you also here with us.

2.2 - In order to keep our database organized, it’s necessary that no one is able to do more than one register to yourself, neither sign, for example, your company or someone who does not wish to be registered. In that case, we'll have to delete these entries when we find them. This will make the interaction much better for everyone.


3.1 - As we have no means to verify if every piece of information provided for one to register in our website is correct, we need you to agree to assume full and sole responsibility for it and its updates, agreeing to exempt us from any responsibility for events due to inaccuracies in this regard. Both updating and correcting your data is very easy.

3.2 - In order to have a legal mechanism for the defense of our subscribers, it is agreed here that we can check information on registration data and refuse the permanence, or even cancel the registration of persons who provide false information or who, once requested by us, refuse to answer our questions about registration data.

3.3 - You will have your own password and shall be solely and exclusively responsible for its use. We have no mechanisms to know whether is you or not who is accessing our services through your password. If you have any suspicions about the breach of confidentiality of your password or concerns about its use, please notify us immediately at